Fizzi White
by Christine W Date Added: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
I was lucky enough to test a SodaStream. I received the "Fizzi" model. It's very sleek and attractive. Extremely easy to load the carbonation cartridge. When I first tried the SodaStream, I used it for just plain soda water, and it was great! I love it. What I found was that because the unit is very lightweight, not flimsy, just not heavy and the activation button is on top, if I pressed the button with one hand only, the unit was inclined to tip. Once I began using two hands i.e.: both thumbs at once, it was very stable. I particularly liked the 3-coughs to indicate there was enough carbonation in the bottle. I thoroughly recommend this unit. I would certainly purchase it. As for the syrups, they were not so successful. I tried the Ginger Ale first. This one I liked, and it compared very favourably with bottled Ginger Ale. I was not particularly impressed by the Lemon Lime, much too sweet for my taste, and left an artificial taste in my mouth. As for the Root Beer I just didn't like. I might try other syrup flavours, however, just plain soda water was great and I use the unit that way. I make 6-8 bottle a day. This is a really great product, it gets my vote for two thumbs up!

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Fizzi White
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