Fizzi White
by Kimberly S Date Added: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
We received the Soda Stream Fizzi to try from Soda Stream and Shoppers Army. We really have enjoyed using it in our home. Even my 3 year old get excited when it is time to make a new batch! The first time I used I made a huge mess, but after using it a few times, It has become like second nature. I love how easy it is to sue and how small the unit is. I also really like that there are no batteries or plugs involved in using it. It takes up very little room. The CO2 cylinder last quite a long time, and you can actually go to a physical store (Walmart, Canadian Tire, Ect) and trade in your cylinder. I like that you do not have to ship if back and wait for another one via mail you can exchange them right at a local big box store! We have all really enjoyed having the Soda Stream Fizzi in the home. We have showed it off and gave many of our friends and family to try it. Some have even went out and purchased since then they liked it so much!

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Fizzi White
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