Fizzi White
by Elisabetta S Date Added: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
I got the sodastream FIZZi about 3 weeks ago..the package was very light and easy to handle..when i opened the soda machine was very simple to put came with a co2 cylinder took me less then 5 minutes to understand how to use it,and the instructions were very clear too.. I got 3 flavours, root beer ginger ale and and orange mineral water one.. once you make the mineral water using the co2 cylinder you have to add one of the flavours and this is a very simple process..even my kids were able to make it..the drinks taste good... the machine is great if you want to save plastic and if you are really concerned about the can safe a lot of plastic bottles making your own soda drinks..the only problem is that even if the cylinder it should last for quit of long time..a refill is pretty pricy ..and the flavours too are not so cheap.. I like the the fact that the fizzi machine is light and small enough to be put on the kitchen counter without any problems and I really like the fact that it's something my kids are excited about it because it's so easy and convenient to make..

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Fizzi White
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