Fizzi White
by Sara B Date Added: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
You guyssss. A few months ago, I got a super stealthy email from Shopper Army, asking if I wanted to participate in a Top Secret mission. Of course I said yes, and anxiously awaited my package. It arrived at my door less than a week later, and I have been dying to tell everyone about it since. I can finally, finally talk about it... I'm testing out a Soda Stream!! This is seriously the most expensive, and exciting, thing I've ever gotten to try out, so I'm over the moon - and it's right up my alley, which makes it even better. If you know me at all, you'll know that I am a sparkling water-aholic. I was a soda-aholic for a very long time, until I got pregnant with my son and almost gave myself gestational diabetes. I had to cut back on my soda consumption considerably, which started my love for sparkling water - same fizz, with less sugar and calories. You can see why I was absolutely jumping out of my seat to test this baby out! The set-up is very easy, if I could figure it out I'm sure anyone can. It comes with a tank of Co2, all you've gotta do is load it into the back of the machine and you're good to go! There is no power needed, so you can set it anywhere you want! I was a little skeptical at first, but it's very easy and painless. The other great news about Soda Stream is that the tanks are replaceable. When you run out, you just bring your empty tank into Canadian Tire (or your nearest Soda Stream retailer) and they will let you exchange the tank for the cost of a refill. Actually using the machine is again, very easy. Seriously, a monkey could make himself some soda, it's that simple. You fill the bottle up to the line with water (how brilliant is this? Nothing special needed, just plain old tap water,) hook the bottle up to the machine, and press the button down 3 times. The longer you press, the more carbonation you'll get. I've played around with the amount of pressure and longevity of holding the button down, and I do agree with them that you've gotta wait for the 'hiss' to get the best carbonation. Then, you unhook the bottle, pour in the flavouring, and mix! It's honestly idiot-proof. The initial taste taste was shocking. We tried out the Lemon Lime flavour first, and it tasted almost identical to Sprite. I've gotta admit, as cool at this seemed, I was very skeptical on how the product would actually taste, but it's pretty spot on to name brand sodas. I was given Lemon Lime, Diet Cola, and Green Apple-Cucumber to try out, and the Lemon Lime is easily my favourite. The Diet Cola is also very spot on to any name brand cola, although I actually found it tasted almost identical to Vanilla Coke. Not a bad thing at all, and I will definitely be buying more of that particular flavour. The Green Apple-Cucumber was my least favourite, and even that is mostly due to personal taste. It's not that bad, the cucumber is light and the apple isn't overpowering, as I expected it to be, but I've never been big on apple-flavours, so it's still not my cup of tea. My husband really liked this flavour though, so it definitely won't go to waste! The machine retails at $89.99, and it comes with one Co2 tank and one reusable bottle. I was given three flavours as well, which normally retail for $6.99 each. There's a HUGE variety of flavours, from normal sodas to sparkling waters; there's even a lemonade flavouring. I'd say you'd get 6-8 uses out of each flavour, which is surprisingly a lot of soda. My final thoughts on the Soda Stream Fizzi, is that it's an absolutely awesome product. It isn't something I would normally pick up for myself as the initial cost is pretty steep, but now that I've used one, it's definitely worth the money. A case of soda is anywhere from $4-$10 these days, and if you go through it as quick as I did, it adds up fast. With Co2 refills, I'd say it evens out, and you might even end up saving money in the long run. I'd highly recommend this to any soda lovers out there, as well as anyone who just wants to try out making soda at home. It's easy to use, very fast and convenient, and tastes great!

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Fizzi White
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