Source White Plastic
by Verena M Date Added: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
I was incredibly excited to give this product a go. I am a huge fan of sparkling water and always have a stock on hand in the pantry (not that they stay there long before they are consumed). I was hesitant to believe that water carbonated at home could be just as good as store bought. First off, the SodaStream Source is super easy to use! I love the fact that no power is necessary meaning I can put it anywhere I like and it is portable (plus no unsightly cord on the counter). The bottle that comes with the machine slips easily into place on the machine with a simple up and back pushing it into place. The bottle remains snuggly in place without having to hold it. To operate you simple hold and press the top front of the machine down until your desired level of carbonation has been achieved. The beeps are helpful in knowing which level you are at. The water itself is great! I usually enjoy level 2 or 3 and find that it is perfect. It does taste exactly the same as store bought sparkling water! But I have a never ending source and no empty bottles laying around! Sometime late at night I really want one more small glass of sparkling water and I can make a bottle and the rest keeps easily a couple of days before going flat. I have yet to actually have a bottle I've carbonated go flat and I've left on for several days while we were away. The design is sleek and simplistic fitting into any kitchen design. I'm a huge fan and will continue to use my SodaStream Source for many years to come! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is a fan of sparkling waters. It doesn't get any more easy, tasty or environmentally friendly than the SodaStream!

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Source White Plastic
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