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by Heather M Date Added: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
We received the sodastream source to try and review for free from Shopper Army Canada and sodastream. I promise this has not clouded our minds and the following is a honest review of this product. The sodastream source arrived in minimal packaging, with everything needed to instantly create a carbonated drink (either flavored water or pop - we received Cola, Ginger Ale and Rootbeer). It included a larger "quick start guide" on the inside, but also a small "peelie" type booklet with step by step picture instructions. I found this more that adequate to set up our machine, which took but a few minutes! The machine itself is tall, slim and sleek. We don't have a large amount of counter space, but the sodastream fits quite nicely and we are proud to display it. One of the newer features of this machine is the LED carbonation indicator lights. You can choose the desired amount of carbonation! This was a huge win in our house! The snap lock bottle mechanism was also an added bonus, as our older children could make their own drinks unsupervised. The fizz preserving cap performed quite well, keeping our pop carbonated when used correctly (we have one child who is famous for not replacing the cap correctly - kiss your fizz goodbye if this happens! :/) I would also suggest reading the quick start guide after set up. They are there for a reason!! You are to add the sodamix on angle...please do this...or reminders of elementary school volcano projects will come to you. Half of the bottle of newly prepared soda ended up all over the counter and floor. All you do to make the carbonated beverages is fill the bottle with water to the fill line, pop the bottle into place and press the top of the machine down until desired carbonation light is lit. Add your soda mix (ON AN ANGLE!!!), replace the cap and gently shake. Easy. However, for testing sake we tried all levels and found the highest level did cause a bit of a wet mess as some did spill out the top. Easy clean up and worth it if you want loads of fizz! We have really enjoyed the convenience of the sodastream source. Our kids see it as a fun treat and we can control exactly how much syrup they use. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys carbonated beverages (I've looked into all of the flavours, there are some very innovative waters we can't wait to try! ). It's ease of use and tasteful design would be welcome in any home!

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Source White Plastic
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