Fruit Drops - Variety

Fruit Drops - Variety

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Re-imagine Sparkling water with our all natural and zero-calorie Fruit Drops flavours.
Experience this delightful addition in a 3 pack of flavours - Raspberry, Lemon and Orange.*

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What's inside?

Servings Per Bottle: 20 Litres
Calories Per 250ml Serving: 0
Sugar Per 250ml Serving: 0g
Caffeine: No
Preservatives: No
Sweeteners: No
3 flavours per package
* when prepared according to instructions

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  Paul T on 01/01/2020
For those of us who drink a lot and do not want any fructose or artificial sweeteners, it would be nice if you came out with more flavors than these three...watermelon, strawberry, cherry, etc.

  Jamie K on 01/01/2020
Needs sugar not very tasty without it does add flavor to the other soda mixes rasberry cola rasberry lemon lime soda extra possibilities

  Laurence G on 01/09/2019
I like these flavors, especially when I mix raspberry and lemon-lime together. I bought the Sodastream as an attempt to reduce my ecological footprint because I was a big consumer of bottled sparkling water. However, I am a bit disappointed by the lack of ..

  Celeste B on 09/05/2018
Really enjoying the orange and the lemon/lime flavours. Not so crazy about the raspberry. I do wish you offered these separately for purchase, so I don\'t have to get the raspberry at all. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavouring - d..

  Gayle C on 02/10/2018
This is my favourite drnk mix of all time. I am not a fan of heavy, syrupy soda, so I love the lightly favoured, unsweetened sparkling water this produces.

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