Licensed Spare/extra - 1x60l Cylinder

Licensed Spare/extra - 1x60l Cylinder

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Not all heroes wear capes: meet the cylinder behind the bubbles. Each cylinder sparkles approximately 60 Litres of water!
Want to keep a back up cylinder handy so you don't run out of bubbles? Good call, you're in the right place.

Empty cylinder info
When a CO₂ cylinder is empty, customers simply exchange it for a full one at any participating retailer, paying only the cost of a gas refill. Please note, an empty cylinder is not redeemable for cash value.

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Makes up to 60L of carbonated water

Bring on the Bubble Banter

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  Vickie N on 07/17/2020
I purchased my Sodastream for Mother\'s Day. rnWas tired of not having something fizzy to drink after 11pm because my kids had finished all the pop. Now I can make any flavour, anytime I want. We get to control the amount of flavour and the carbonation !!!..

  Michael H on 06/08/2020
I do love this product. I was a 2 L pepsi drink a day. Switched to this and ill have 1 pop a week now. The price is alot more expensive but the pink grapefruit is amazing. You also dont just pay for a refill and make sure you go to look around at where to ..

  Patricia L on 04/08/2020
Sodastream has become THE go-to water carbonator in our household. No more buying cans of soda. Just love the fact that you can determine how much fizz your water will have.

  Francois v on 04/01/2020
I love soda stream.\r\nI have already 3 carbonators at home and since all stores are closed I cannot return them for refill. \r\nI don\'t want to purchase yet another one, (save planet and save money) but I am scared of running out of bubbles.... any sugge..

  Sheldon K on 03/17/2020
I\'m running with 2 cylinders, found some fair prices of 11 cdn per fill.

  Joyceanne M on 03/13/2020
my original cylinder lasted 2-3 weeks and i drank a lot Replacement cylinder lasted one week like 5 bottles full.....very disappointed I will be looking for a refund next time. How many pumps do most people usually usernrnrnthanks joyce anne

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