Fizzi White

Fizzi White

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SodaStream FIZZI™ White - Our classic sparkling water maker takes your tap water from flat to fizzed in seconds. Compact cordless design doesn't require electricity to operate so it easily fits in your kitchen. Or bedroom. Or treehouse.

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  • Fun and easy to use - simply fill carbonating bottle with water, push to carbonate and enjoy a refreshing sparkling beverage
  • Snap-lock mechanism allows carbonating bottle to insert easily and lock into place
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Slimmer design to complement any modern kitchen décor
  • Available in Black, White, Red or Icy Blue
  • Includes: Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker, (1) 60L carbonating cylinder and (1) reusable BPA-free carbonating bottle

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  Meagan D on 11/22/2016
I love the design of the SodaStream Fizzi machine. It's sleek and modern, and takes up hardly any counter space. I love that it doesn't require a plug-in, so I can shift it around easily in the kitchen and tuck it away in the corner. I will say that the ..

  Stephanie V on 11/22/2016
The Fizzi turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds! Add flavours for flavoured water or soda. No electricity required. Does not take up a lot of counter space. Easy to set-up and use.

  Elisabetta S on 11/22/2016
I got the sodastream FIZZi about 3 weeks ago..the package was very light and easy to handle..when i opened the soda machine was very simple to put together..it came with a co2 cylinder too..it took me less then 5 minutes to understand how to use it,and th..

  Sara B on 11/22/2016
You guyssss. A few months ago, I got a super stealthy email from Shopper Army, asking if I wanted to participate in a Top Secret mission. Of course I said yes, and anxiously awaited my package. It arrived at my door less than a week later, and I have been ..

  Joanna P on 11/22/2016
I absolutely love the soda stream!! There is so many different flavours you can choose from.

  Chandana B on 11/22/2016
I was given an opportunity to try and test the product. When the box arrived i was very excited to try...the box contain 4 things - fizzi unit, co2 cylinder,empty bottle and 3 flavour syrup bottles. Assembly was very simple - just screw the CO2 canister in..

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