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How does SodaStream support the LGBTQ+ community?

SodaStream stands for people and peace, and with our focus on well-being, sustainability and co-existence, supporting the LGBTQ+ community has been part of our mandate for many years. In Canada, this is our second year partnering with PFLAG to provide donations to support LGBTQ+ children and their families.

Who is PFLAG Canada?

PFLAG Canada is Canada's only national organization that supports, educates, and provides peer-to-peer connections on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. PFLAG Canada has over 45 local chapters across Canada, offering practical and emotional peer-to-peer family support for individuals and their loved ones when it comes to gender and sexuality.

What is the meaning of "Rainbow Story"?

A Rainbow Story is one of overcoming challenges, inspiring others, and becoming the best version of yourself. Through our support of PFLAG Canada, we're hoping that more and more rainbow stories will be heard.

Where can I buy the limited-edition Rainbow SodaStream?

Available online only at

Where can I buy the limited-edition Rainbow SodaStream bottles?

Available online and at select retailers.