Fill the bottle with fresh cold water (straight from the fridge is best!) to the fill line. Remember not to overfill!
Insert the bottle into the sparkling water maker in two movements: first press up and then push the bottle away from you until you feel the latch catch the bottle. Hint: there should be a space between the bottom of the sparkling water maker and the bottle when properly inserted.
Once the bottle is securely in place, press the carbonating button to carbonate your water.

The SodaStream system makes water exciting! Turn tap water into sparkling water with the press of a button so you can create refreshing flavoured sparkling water. SodaStream has easy-to-use Sparkling Water Makers to suit every countertop, and each Sparkling Water Maker comes with everything you need to start making water exciting.

Each Sparkling Water Maker comes with either a plastic BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle or a glass reusable carbonating bottle. Every Sparkling Water Maker also comes with a CO2 cylinder, which creates the carbonation. Once your sparkling water is made, you can make it even more exciting with one of our 40 Sparkling Flavour Mixes.

When you're out of gas, the empty cylinder can be exchanged at participating retailers for a special gas-only price. Find out where to exchange your cylinder here!

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