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Enter your Greater Toronto , Hamilton, Montreal or Laval area postal code to check eligibility for pick up of empty cylinders. Receive a $30* coupon to redeem on your next order.

* Based on returning 2 x CO2 cylinders

How does it work?


Request a CO2 cylinder return

  • Request return by 5 pm for pickup next day*
  • Text message with ETA will be sent on the day of pickup

Prepare for Pickup

  • Follow instructions to prepare CO2 cylinders
  • Minimum 2 x CO2 cylinders required at pickup

Receive coupon code & Redeem

  • $30 coupon code for two CO2 cylinders returned will be emailed by end of pickup day
  • Coupon code can be used towards any product on

Additional Things You Should Know

  • *No pickups on Sundays or holidays.
  • Only SodaStream CO2 cylinders can be returned.
  • A pilot test in select postal codes in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area with a goal to extend nationally.
  • Need to exchange in-store? Check out locations near you.

Need an extra cylinder? Purchase a spare here.

Questions Bubbling Up?

SodaStream - CO2 Return & Redeem FAQ

How does the Return & Redeem work?

Return & Redeem is a simple 4 step process.

• Enter your Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area postal code to see if you are eligible for online return.
• Use our easy tool to request a pickup.
• Receive your coupon(s) code directly to your email address.
• Redeem on any product on

Can I return one cylinder at a time?

For the home Return & Redeem, you must return a minimum of 2 empty CO2 cylinders at one time.

How many empty CO2 cylinders can I return and redeem at once?

There is maximum limit of 18 CO2 cylinders you can return at once, however there must be a minimum of 2 CO2 cylinders for the home Return & Redeem.

What is the difference between the Return & Redeem and the in-store exchange?

In-store, when you bring in your empty CO2 cylinder, you can exchange it for a full one, paying only for the price of gas.

With our online Return & Redeem, your cylinders will be picked up from your home. You will receive a digital coupon code for a minimum of $30 off for 2 cylinders, (+ an additional $15 per returned cylinder above 2) that you can use on You can apply this coupon code to: the purchase of a new CO2 cylinder, flavours, a new sparkling water maker or accessories.

Can I only use my coupon code to purchase CO2 Cylinders?

No. You can apply your coupon towards the purchase of any product on

Is the Return & Redeem available across Canada?

Our home Return & Redeem is currently being tested in limited Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area locations, including Halton, Peel, York and Durham. However, we are planning to expand to other Canadian postal codes in the coming months. Sign up for our newsletter be the first to receive updates on eligibility in your neighbourhood.

How do I request a pickup?

You can schedule a pickup using our online registration tool. Enter your Greater Toronto Area postal code to determine if Return & Redeem is available in your neighbourhood. Sign up/login to an account, enter your information and we will do the rest!

Do I have to be home when the empty CO2 cylinders are picked up by the courier?

You do not have to be home at the time your courier picks up your cylinders.

When will I receive the coupon code?

You will receive coupon code via email by end of the day of your scheduled pickup.

How will I receive the coupon code?

On the day of your scheduled pickup, you will receive an email with your unique coupon code that can be used on your next purchase.

Will I get one unique code per cylinder returned?

You will receive one unique code for the total value of each CO2 cylinder returned. If you return two cylinders, you will receive a coupon code for $30. If you return 3 cylinders, you will receive a coupon code for $45. If you return 10 cylinders, you will receive a coupon code for $150.

If schedule to return 6 or more cylinders, you will be given the option to split your coupon into two unique coupon codes. This option is only given at the time of filling out a pickup request.

Can I use more than one redemption code per transaction?

No, you may only use one coupon code per transaction.

Can my coupon code be applied to another promotion or sale on

Yes, you can use it for anything unless specified.

Is there a cut off time for next day pickup?

Yes, 5 p.m. the night before is the cut off for next day pickup.

Do you have an online exchange program?

We do not currently have an online exchange program. However, we do have a new home Return & Redeem allows you to return empty CO2 cylinders for free.

Do I have to pay for shipping on my redemption order?

Yes, standard shipping rules apply. Free shipping is applied to all orders on with a pre-tax/after-coupon amount above $99.

How do I safely package the empty cylinders?

House Member/Customer
1. Pickup is contactless to ensure the health and safety of both you and our team.
2. Our team member will place a box in front of you and step aside.
3. Please put the cylinders in the box and you are done!

1. Print the confirmation email.
2. Put a rubber band around the cylinders with your printed email.
3. Leave your packaged CO2 cylinders with your concierge/security/doorstep.

Do I have to print the return email?

Yes. If you do not have a printer, just write your name, Return ID, and number of cylinders on a piece of paper.

What if I do not have a printer at home?

If you do not have a printer, just write your name, Return ID, and number of cylinders on a piece of paper.

Does the discount code expire?

Yes, there will be an expiry date with each code.

Can I schedule my pick up for any date/time?

Pick up is available for next 7 days except Sundays or holidays.

What if I lose my coupon code?

You can go to your account information to find your code. A history of your CO2 returns and coupon codes can be found under "CO2 Returns History".

What if the courier does not pick up my cylinders?

If your cylinders do not get picked up, please contact our customer service right away with the details of your pick-up registration. We will contact the courier and get back to you to schedule a new pick up within 24 hours.

Can I use the coupon value partially, or in multiple transactions, or will it be carried forward?

Coupon Code is valid only for one time use. Entire coupon value must be redeemed in one transaction.

General CO2 Questions

How do I know if the CO2 cylinder is empty?

There are a number of indications that show your cylinder is empty:

• When you press the carbonating button you will not see any bubbles and gas going into your bottle of water.
• Even after repeated presses you don't hear the 'buzzing' sound
• The carbonating button may stay down
• The carbonator sputters, showing you have run out of CO2

We recommend keeping a spare cylinder in the cupboard, so you never run out of bubbles!

What do I do when my cylinder is empty?

You have two options! You can exchange your empty cylinder at one of our open, participating retailers via in-store exchange or curbside exchange. Or, if you do not want to leave your home, you can return your empty cylinder online through our new home Return & Redeem. If you return an empty cylinder, you will receive a $30* coupon code (+ an additional $15 per returned cylinder above 2) that can be redeemed on our SodaStream products.

How often will I have to replace my cylinder?

On average, the cylinder will make up to 60 liters of sparkling water. This is an average, and of course depends on how bubbly you like your beverage!