Its Only Water

Bubbles Make it Better

SodaStream users drink 2 more glasses of water per day?* Time to get hydrated!

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Watch Your Step

Make the most of socks. And slippery, shiny new floors. Sometimes it's okay to be irresponsible!

What a Twist!

A twist of orange here, or a splash of mango there. It doesn't take much to add a splash of flavour and hint of sparkle to your 9-12 cups daily.

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Binge Watch

Binge watch your favorite show. You can do the laundry tomorrow. Sometimes it's okay to be irresponsible!

Fun with Friends

Make a few bottles of SodaStream sparkling water the next time you host a party. Mix your favourite flavours, or let your friends make their own.

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Splurge on Delivery

Even though you just bought groceries. Add a little sparkle to your day. Sometimes it's okay to be irresponsible!

* versus the average Canadian. Based on a SodaStream Water Survey 2015, Wizer.