Its Only Water

SodaStream's 93% satisfaction* rate means it's almost guaranteed to become part of your holiday tradition, just like these other inevitable holiday happenings.

1. You will make the mistake of trying Nana's fruit cake.

We're pretty sure that's the same cake from last year.

2. Going home and sleeping in your childhood bed will result in cold feet, bruised elbows, and a potential bed-wetting relapse.

Just be thankful they upgraded from the bunk bed.

3. Conversation with your grandparents will go from "adorably old-fashioned" to "downright offensive" by the end of the night.

I don't care how they did things during the war, Grandma!

4. It'll be March by the time you get around to taking down the Christmas Tree.

At this point it's basically just a neglected houseplant.

5. Your beloved cat will protest the commercialization of the holidays by pooping out tinsel.

If you didn't want me to eat it, you shouldn't have made it look so delicious.

6. Your office party will be a complete RAGER/TOTAL HR NIGHTMARE!

Okay Susan from Accounting, we take it back. You DO know how to Twerk.

7. You'll leave the gift-wrapping to the last minute and wind up buried in a mountain of ribbons and scotch tape.

"Tell them I died doing what I love: trying to wrap this ***** juicer."

8. That one set of relatives will go really overboard on their annual Holiday card.

They listed the dog as director of photography, lighting grip, and head of craft services.

9. A SodaStream sparkling water maker will be the "OMG How did you know!?" gift that satisfies even the biggest holiday curmudgeons.

With a 93% satisfaction rate, people who get SodaStream as a gift love them, and who can blame them with these great features:

  • Offer a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks (your grandma's eggnog, for example.)
  • Help you stay hydrated and happy. SodaStream owners drink on average 26% more water**.
  • Can be made in the comfort of your home in front of a roaring yule tide log.
  • Help you cut down on cost and schlepping by ditching expensive bottled water, which costs on average 5x more.
  • Are reusable! SodaStream helped replace 100, 000 plastic bottles in 2016 alone.

*BrandSpark Consumer Survey of SodaStream Owners, 2016
**WIZER SodaStream Water Survey – Canada, 2015