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All retailers participate in the cylinder exchange program (except for select Staples Stores and ALL Future Shop and Best Buy Stores). Please phone ahead for cylinder stock. Please note that some stores will have the exchanges at Customer Service only.

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Transportation Canada Advisory - Please note that CO2 cylinders require Transport Canada approval, CO2 cylinders PURCHASED FROM THE US may be confiscated at the US/Canada Border ALL CANADIAN CUSTOMERS must ensure they purchased their CO2 cylinders from an authorized Canadian Dealer. All US Cylinders must be sent to SodaStream Canada for exchange. Dealers will no longer accept US Cylinders for exchange. Notice - SodaStream Cylinders should only be maintained and refilled by Soda-Club and its authorized distributor. Unauthorized refilling of SodaStream cylinders by third parties could be risky, illegal and may violate Soda-Club rights. Soda-Club only warrants the safety of SodaStream Cylinders refilled by it, bearing a SodaStream safety valve seal.